Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Homemade Chalk Paint!

 Hey everyone!  This is my first blog post and let me tell you I am super excited to be sharing this with you.  I have been on YT for about 5 months now and have been loving it.  I decided that it was time to start using a blog to share my crafting journey.  I started making videos because I love to watch others create and to be inspired by others.  I wanted to do the same and took the jump and created my first video on a mini album that I created.  I have had a great experience so far with YT and hopefully it will continue onto my blog.

 I was given an idea from one of my subscribers to do videos with a budget in mind.  I took this challenge and have ran with it.  I have had so much fun thinking of and researching ideas for crafting on a budget.  So this is were the chalk paint comes into play.  I have wanted to get some Annie Sloan chalk paint for some time now and could not seem to ever make the purchase due to the cost.  I then took to the internet and found many recipes for chalk paint. After a few tries I found what works the best for me and my wallet. 

First let me tell you a little about chalk paint and the uses.  The benefits of chalk paint is that you can paint on any surface with no prep work.  It is also great for getting that vintage look that is so popular right now.  I love the vintage and worn look so chalk paint is right up my alley.  Chalk paint can be used for indoor use or outdoor. 

Besides the paint you will also need to use furniture wax.  Annie Sloan does sale clear and dark wax.  Like the paint it is also out of my budget so I have found cheaper alternatives that work great for me. 

Johnson paste wax you can get at your local hardware store.  I bought mine from Lowes for around $7.  The Valspar antiquing glaze is an alternative to using dark wax.  I got it from Lowes for $8.  I created a video showing how to use both wax and glaze along with mixing the paint. 

I will post projects once I am done with them using the chalk paint.  I hope that this post is helpful for you and please remember that I am not a professional painter.  The recipe for homemade chalk paint is:

Watch the video if you want more details!! Thanks for stopping by.
Cassie Keith


  1. Wow,

    Thank-You Cassie for this post on your blog, it's just what I was looking for on my budget also. I don't know that I could also make my own chalk paint and yes, you have worked it out so that it's alot more affordable.

    Just Love It

    Thanks again for helping me to COLOUR my world !! !!

    Solane Star

  2. I enjoyed your video and look forward to seeing what you are painting. I am a beginner at painting furniture. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Cassie thank you for the video. However I am having trouble making chalk paint with the valspar brand of paint. I have tried it several times and the paint hardens quickly. Is there a trick to using this brand? Other brands have worked for me.